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Paxil 10 mg En Vente Libre Dans Quel Pays

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I’ve just been prescribed 40mg of Paroxetine for anxiety, but I only want to try 10mg, because I think 40mg is too much for me, and a doctor just prescribed it and didn’t listen- I’m very concerned about weight gain taking 10mg, and I both study and work and my mind has to work!

I dont want to be slow and feeling drugged. What do you suggest? It is the 1st time I take something for anxiety.

Paxil 10 mg En Vente Libre Dans Quel Pays

Please help me answering the 2 questions. I want to become pregnant within 4 years. Will it be a problem if I quit 6 months before that? I want a healthy pregnancy and healthy children.

Paxil 10 mg En Vente Libre Dans Quel Pays

Sign Up or Login to comment. I got lost driving in the town ive lived in for over 10 years and forgot how to get home, I would start to cook dinner forget about it and burn it i host dinner parties my whole life and cooking is FUN for me IVE NEVER ruined anything like that and many other things as well Again this is ME and doesnt mean it will be your experience on it at all Paxil has helped many people or it wouldnt be on the market you Paxil 10 mg en Vente Libre Dans Quel Pays what I mean I am not good nor have I ever been good on ANY ssri so it may just be my body Side effects vary per person.

I do understand having anxiety about taking a medication. But you want to give it a chance. I weighed the positive effects over the weight.

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  • I am not good nor have I ever been good on ANY ssri so it may just be my body
  • I yawned all of the time.
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  • I take at least 3 different meds that normall cause lots of people to gain tons of weight.

Every med has side effects. If this psychiatrist isn’t listening to you then find another that you can communicate with. I found it working well with minimal side effects, I did gain some weight, not a ton though,and that is also because I am getting older, gave me reason to excessive more anyway. I have been on it off and on for 10 years, always at 10mg.

Much respect, denise Member 8 years on site 8 posts Thanks everyone.

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Yeah, I’ll give it a chance AND wish to know if there is some memory loss effect? I don’t want to lose my only little job!! I will start on monday 19, and I have to be alert and alive, it was so hard to get it -a teacher. I am also studying in uni and I need my brain for an exam next week and project proposal and a written work.

I’ve just started with the Paxil 2 days ago. I’m very anxious but I think I can manage. It would be nice to take a med to help.

Rflattsfan78 Member 9 years on site posts Hi Denise. I have had much success with Paxil. Was on it for close to 12 years, Paxil 10 mg En Vente Libre Dans Quel Pays. Yes, I did gain weight from it, but I was also on a very high dose at the time.

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I weaned off of it, and now I went back on it. I haven’t had any memory loss. The only side effects long term that I could tell were some weight gain and sexual side effects. In the beginning while your body adjusts to it, you might have some nausea. Paxil can be hard to come off of, so wean slowly when the time comes. Paxil was the first of many drugs I have tried over the years.

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For me, one of the biggest and most annoying side effect was yawning. I started out on 10mg, and worked my way up to 40 mg. I yawned all of the time. I could not consume enough carbs.

I craved all of the bad stuff such as donuts, cake, cookies, candy. Looking back, if I could have added exercise into my day, I think it would have been better.

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If your doctor is not listening to you, there are other doctors. You need to be your own advocate. It is not a matter of finding a doctor that will give you what you want, but finding one that will listen and give you what you need, Paxil 10 mg En Vente Libre Dans Quel Pays.

Also, if the Paxil does not work, or the side effects are too much, there are other drugs. You are not locked into taking Paxil for the rest of your life just because the doctor prescribed it for you.

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I have had the experience where the drugs just stop working, and I am back at square one. It has taken several years of trial and error to find the right combination of drugs that works for me. I have learned to recognize my symptoms and listen to my mind and body so I know when it is time to make a change. I wish you the best! It may cause some weight gain.

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But in general, if you are careful to not eat excessively extra due to the medicines efffect of making you more prone to eat – you should not gain any weight from using it. I take at least 3 different meds that normall cause lots of people to gain tons of weight. However, by just being careful – i have been able to not gian weight, and actually lose weight while on the three meds.

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